With our background of industry experience, we have assembled training courses that cover quality and improvement which we deliver in a more interactive and practical way. This makes our courses very popular and attendees enjoy how we bring the subjects to life with real examples and practical activities.

The courses can be delivered by:

  1. On Site – at your venue and hosted by you – this way you can sell extra places and make a profit from the event! We can also use your venue to apply the trained skills on site. We also offer return visits to help embed the skills

2. At a venue we choose and hosted by us – we select local training locations for you

3. Online – that way you can get trained at any time and wherever you are

Here is a list of all our courses:

ISO9001 Awareness
AS9100 Awareness
Basic Auditing
Yallow Belt

Basic process foundation

Problem Solving-Basic
Problem Solving-Advanced
Data Design

Collection and Analysis

Lean Techniques
Green Belt-Six Sigma
Improvements for Profit

Senior Managers