Simply for Profit

Simply for Profit : small investment for big results!

The Simply for Profit service provides your business with a tailored programme of improvement activities to increase your bottom line profit and cash.

Working closely together, our Simply for Profit customers have experienced significant results: –

  • increased on time delivery from 20% to 100%
  • increased sales by 35%
  • halved scrap rate
  • saved 25 jobs in 2014
  • customers stopped calling about problems and instead fed more orders into the business
  • implemented a new organisation structure
  • implemented the UK | QMS Quality System which then enabled us to identify which processes affected results – making it simpler to identify and support key projects.

It is little wonder that this service is so popular!

Simply for Profit  in your business


UK | QMS has been used as a business mentor by a number of customers. Our ability to relate P&L, Balance Sheets and measures to business processes and activities has proven many times that we make Business Better with targeted improvement work. We generally more than cover our costs as we like to be more of a profit centre than a cost centre as part of our unique approach to serving your business.


Our Business Assessment service is designed to evaluate the current activities of your business and relate improvement to bottom line profit. This approach ensures that we can offset most of not all cost through the benefits we bring. This is a core offering and is fundamental to our ‘Business, But Better’ slogan.


As part of helping businesses, we have found that our extensive experience means that customers ask us to lead on quality and improvement. In response to these repeat requests we now offer an outsourcing service to provide business, quality and improvement as an extension of your business. The features our customers like are that they have access to people with extensive experience on a part time basis with remote access to them, that way providing a high capability service at affordable prices.


A key lever in our successes with our customers is through our internet (cloud based) Business Management System, incorporating the Quality System.  Our product is an extension of the Quality System and embraces all ISO9001 and AS9100 requirements.

The Quality System becomes your one page quality manual and replaces your folder based documents.  An easy to use, flow chart based this system is pre-built ready for your business customisations.

UK | QMS offer the Quality System as a one off purchase or on a subscription approach with updates and upgrades built into the price.   This system uses a secure Microsoft server product to manage document versioning and control.

The BMS has proven itself not just in audit, but as a primary tool to drive up profit, on time delivery and better product and service quality!

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