Improve Business

Improve Business

Looking to change  – then UK | QMS can get your business improving:

UK | QMS offer a focused and capable approach to managing change.  We ensure our projects deliver business results – we get to the point and gain results every time.

We work with your business, offering a range of services including business evaluation, improvement strategy and carefully scoped projects to improve business results.

Our team are experienced in gaining senior engagement and sponsorship, driving effective governance into any business. We bring a wealth of skills from senior business improvement managers, black belts and master black belts.


The Business Assessment is designed to evaluate the current activities of your business and relate improvement to bottom line profit. This approach ensures that we can offset most if not all cost through the financial benefits we bring. This is a core offering and is fundamental to our ‘Business, But Better’ slogan.


Problem Solving is a widely used skill, but so often is not applied to solve true root cause. UK | QMS has significant expertise in addressing all sizes of problems and  offers basic and advanced training in these skills with on site support to apply the skills. Problem Solving typically addresses more than 80% of business problem based challenges!


A simple and great way to engage employees is to apply Kaizen, the incremental improvement approach.  Focusing on people engagement and basic process principles around workplace organisation, pride, ownership and gaining a foundation in process thinking, it is a good toolkit to get hearts and minds on board your improvement journey!


Once basic problem solving has addressed what it can, the need arises for process controls to understand how inputs, resources, processes and outputs interact at a basic level. This includes Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA) to proactively predict the potential failures of processes. This toolkit reduces occurrences of problems and provides businesses with confidence in the ability of their processes to deliver results. This applies equally well to office and manufacture/assembly.


Where the business has issues around flow of office or manufacturing processes, the lean toolkit is applied. In UK | QMS we simplify the way this works, using the tools in a structured was so that your business can understand the approach to lean and remove any mystery that it may have.  We advise on which tools to use when.

Six Sigma tools, green belt and black belt have their place in improvement, half the battle is knowing where and when in the plan to apply them. UK | QMS provides guidance on how to target six sigma in an efficient and effective way and this includes making sure the projects will complete as so many businesses miss this key ingredient to success.  Should you need large scale support, we can call on Master Black Belt resources to help define and drive your improvement programme.


You may have read above that the office can use improvements. The Lean Office toolkit brings processes and data driven performance to the office. With a great history of successes this toolkit reduce lead time, improves quality and raises office productivity. The Lean Office toolkit helps office managers see their processes and process level performance, usually exceeding a 30% increase in output!


Whether you are looking to reduce non-conformance from manufacturing through to office processes, the Right First Time approach applies a detailed look at requirement fulfilment.  The programme, helps not only drive improved manufacturing and office process capability, but also eases quoting for new work and pricing. This toolkit is at the top of the improvement mountain, when you embark on this path, your business will be seeking to optimise its competitive edge.

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