We have four prime services:

– Quality Management – we design and deliver quality systems tailored to your business using our well-established approach that provides a simple and easy to use and understand processes model. We get great results in audits from these systems and customers find them easy to sustain.

– Business Improvement – we have the skills to increase your bottom-line profit and your competitiveness through improving your quality, on time delivery and overall costs. With lean and six sigma skills as well as years of results and experience we will deliver you benefit.

– Training – our experience and coaching has helped us create several key courses to improve your teams’ skills in quality and business improvement. We get very positive feedback because the courses are interactive, engaging and brought to life with real industry examples.

– Marketing – our newest exciting service is marketing. This is not just the usual style, we use modern methods, safe web site design, images and videos and targeted campaigns with data that shows you what we have done and how successful it has been. We make marketing numerate! We keep costs low and provide high quality, interesting pages of content on all major platforms. This works well with our other key services to get you name out there.

In addition to the core services, we also provide business outsourcing to help you focus on your core business while we take care of the rest of the support activities!