Fit 4 Nuclear

Fit 4 Nuclear

Are you looking to expand your markets?

The Fit for Nuclear programme (#f4n) is an excellent opportunity to be assessed and improve your business to gain the prestige of being an approved supplier for Civil Nuclear activities in the UK.

With the U.K. investing in life extension, new build and decommissioning activities spanning many decades, you could be a member of a supply chain that secures your services for a long time.

To be able to access this opportunity, you need to be Fit For Nuclear.

UKQMS is currently helping companies gain the required profile to do this.

We have developed the tools and techniques to get you fit for nuclear very quickly.

You will need to be committed to deliver and sustain the new practices and standards.

At the very least this will increase your operating profit, at most, this may secure revenue for many decades.

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