UK | QMS Pragmatic, Results focused solutions

UKQMS prides itself on sustained, high levels of Customer Satisfaction!

We have very high levels of repeat contracts due to our practical and engaging approach to quality assurance and business improvement.

We support small medium and large businesses, manufacturers and service providers.

Our approach is visual, simple and focused on results.

All our major contracts deliver more profit than we cost!

All our smaller contracts are managed by on site and off site support focused on meeting our customer needs.

Our Quality Management Systems are designed to simplify what is often a difficult subject and make it easy to use and explain, you will look an expert very quickly!

Our main systems focus on: ISO9001, AS9100, ISO14001 and ISO45001

Our Business Improvements deploy rapid solutions using our years of experience in delivering results to demanding customer challenges.

Contact us – we respect your email!

Any enquiry we receive will be answered quickly and will not become part of an email nuisance. If you choose our newsletter, that is all you will get, no more than a mail a month at the most! Other than that we will only update you each quarter a short email with useful tips and beneficial information (and the means to unsubscribe!)

Please contact us for more information and find out how we could help your business.

New Opportunities

Do you want to get Fit for Nuclear? Get in touch we have a rapid maturity programme to help get you there for this prestigious opportunity!

Do you need to transition to ISO9001:2015? Use our Business Management System service to take your current quality management system and make it modern, secure, web based and ISO9001:2015 ready!

Please contact us for more information and find out how we could help your business.

At UK | QMS we take your business success to the heart of our business – See our Customer Ratings (Feb 2018):

We have some exciting activities taking place!

  • AS9100 - Our QMS cloud based system is now in its fifth year and upgraded to the new AS9100:2106 to be even more robust at supporting your needs
  • New Training Courses - we have been improving our Problem Solving, Business Improvement and Quality courses so they are even more practical. We also have a new Manufacturing Capability course due to launch after Easter!
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